Products and services

Delivery and design of separation columns

  • structured packing
  • random packing
  • trays
  • distributors

For these applications we mostly use products of Sulzer Chemtech, more at

Delivery of vacuum equipment

  • liquid-ring vacuum pumps of former NSB Basel design
  • liquid-ring compresors
  • spare parts

For these applications we mostly use products of Pompetravaini – NSB, more at

Blowers and compressors

  • blowers and compressors of Piller company are used in chemical industry, refineries, food industry, paper industry and energetics. Piller is the leading company in energy saving mechanical vapour recompresion systems (MVR). More at

Development and engineering services

  • research and development of separation processes focused on energy savings
  • studies and consulting of solvent regeneration, waste water stripping and vacuum distillation and rectification
  • delivery of process design in basic engineering level

We cooperate closely with University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague - VŠChT and Czech engineering companies.